I love to cook.  I do it all the time. It's my escape.  Been doin' it for years.

But at age 38, I still occasionally call my mom to verify what cut I'm supposed to get for a pot roast.  And when buying a corned beef...do I get the "brisket", or the other one? ;)

Somehow this change is supposed to make the names more descriptive and less complicated.  But it seems like it's doing the exact opposite.

For example:

Pork chops will have steak names like New York chops, ribeye chops and T-bone chops.

Boneless shoulder top blade steak....will now be known as flatiron steak.

Beef loin top sirloin cubes?  "Kabobs".

Pork butt (which is actually the pig's shoulder) is now a Boston Roast.

Ground beef....is still just ground beef.

See?  Don't you feel like that's much more descriptive and less complicated??????? (Me neither.)