I really enjoy the Christmas Season, it must be my "inner child", which is part of the reason I take vacation every year at Holiday time.

Then I battle the post holiday "blues"...the decorations are down, everything seems drab and gray, nothing to look forward to, except for Spring which seems light years away... here are some things that might help.

To start, go easy on yourself. Most people get a little down after the holidays. Being patient with yourself is the key to feeling better faster. A disciplined schedule will help you focus, and include things you do for yourself in that schedule.

Take time to pamper yourself. You’ve spent the holidays thinking of others. Now take time for yourself.

Sprinkle high-intensity workouts into your New Year's routine to get that physical release you need. If that isn't enough, maybe it's time to seek the help of a medical professional. Have a happy new year.