Well it's the end of Dancing With The Stars.  I knew it ..I Knew it..I knew it. Jennifer Grey won. I'm not sure if it was a surprise. I was starting to think that Bristol was going to take the trophy..... uughh. People were so upset that Bristol was still on the show they kicked in their TV's.. "It is faith that got me through this and just praying all the time and just relying on God and knowing that He is on our side and we'll get through this," Palin told PEOPLE after Monday's finale.

Palin says she learned a lot from the experience – and not just about dancing. "Just persevere, have confidence in whatever you do and be willing to go try new things," she said. "I've grown so much as a person."

But now that the competition is over, it's time to celebrate. Said her partner Mark Ballas: "We're getting on the private jet with the rest of the couples and we're going to have a party."