It's right around the corner...NO NOT CHRISTMAS...Halloween!

And what does your family do around Halloween time? Well if you have twin 9 year olds you go "pumpkin hunting". Corinna and I took the kids (Colby and Grace) out on Sunday to get pumpkins.

Grace wanted a medium sized, pumpkin, Colby wanted a big pumpkin, Mom wanted pumpkins we could carry back to the car.

Grace and I set out to pay for her pumpkin...Colby was doing other things...

Within about a half hour we had our pumpkins Grace's middle-sized one, Colby's big one and Corinna bought one for me that was just right (sounds like a story I once read).








The pumpkins stay outside, but the refrigerator reminds us that it is Halloween "inside" as well.

Happy Halloween from our family to yours!