Just in time for Father's Day...now expectant dads can REALLY feel what their expectant partners are feeling!

(Actually, it was something invented by Huggies...and probably won't be available on a wide scale any time soon, but it's still adorable to see a dad cry when he feels what mom's feeling!)

Sure, we've all heard of "sympathy pains"...and, more likely, sympathy weight gain...but oftentimes dad misses out on all the magical things that happen during a pregnancy (and some not-so-magical things, right moms?).

This new "pregnancy belt" is designed so dad can share in the experience of feeling the baby kick!

(Still no "belt" that allows them to TRULY experience a woman's lot in life...the pain of childbirth. Relatively sure that product would go NOWHERE.)

That being said, wouldn't you LOVE to see how a man would deal with experiencing labor? I thought you would...