William Shatner has been the Priceline Neogiator for 14 years. The company's decided it's time for a change, so why not a dramatic ending to Shatner's reign?

The company will begin airing Shatner's final commercial as the "Priceline Negotiator" Monday. Shatner's final act is to save a busload of vacationers from paying higher prices. A move though, that proves fatal to his character.

The Huffington Post reports Priceline made the decision to end its relationship with Shatner after deciding to change its business model from a name-your-price approach to a fixed-price model. Shatner, apparently, was too good of a pitchman for the company's old ways which led to his demise. Or has it? Company officials told the Huffington Post they will not speculate on future campaigns.