Ever hear of something called a "fry-up?"  Apparently it's British, and it's a great hangover cure.  Fry-ups are on the breakfast menu for what Prince Harry is billing as a "Survivors' Breakfast" following today's wedding of his brother, Prince William and Kate Middleton.  I can only imagine what he means by "Survivors' Breakfast."

"Shine from Yahoo!"  is reporting that Prince Harry is living up to his reputation as a party animal by planning a breakfast for those wedding guests who will make it through a drinking session that may last until 6am (Saturday morning).  Three-hundred of the royal couples closet friends are expected to attend the early morning breakfast.  On the menu will be bacon sandwiches and fry-ups -- an artery-clogging concoction of eggs, sausages, and other fried treats -- known as traditional British hangover busters.  They claim it really works.  Sounds sort of like eating breakfast at The Towne Restaurant on Allen at Elmwood after a late night.