This just breaks my heart! Who could do this to an animal!

Gladys was dumped in the trash in Niagara Falls. If you have any information about this poor puppy, please contact the Niagara SPCA at (716) 731-4368.

Here is Gladys' story:

Gladys was found by 2 employees from Modern Disposal as they began their morning garbage pick-up. Gladys was found in a garbage can in the 600 block of 30th Street in Niagara Falls. It is clear that Gladys was hit by a car and then stuffed into a garbage can. We are not sure if she was placed into the garbage can by the owner, the person who hit her or by a bystander. We also don't know if the person who placed her there had thought she was deceased or just didn't want to deal with the situation. What we do know is that the injury likely happened a few days ago as infection has set in. She is about 8 weeks old and a very sweet little girl despite the pain that she is in. X-rays have been taken and she does have a fractured jaw. A piece of bone from her jaw is also displaced and is sitting vertically in her jaw. The veterinarian at Companion Care Animal Hospital has called in a Veterinarian that specializes in dental procedures to see what can be done for this sweet girl. Right now she is resting comfortably, eating a special diet that can be lapped up and is on antibiotics to get the infection under control.

If you can help this little girl, please make a donation to the Niagara SPCA below.