If you were following me on twitter (@lauradaniels961) you saw how a kindly neighbor in North Tonawanda gave me the surprise of my life with a random act of kindness.  As I was getting ready to shovel my driveway (remember that AWFUL song from Friday?) on Saturday morning, I heard a motor running.  Turns out, my next door neighbor had fired up his snow-blower and beautifully plowed my driveway FOR me.  I hadn't even MET this kind fellow before!!!  What a treat!

JoyFM, Laura Daniels

And the timing couldn't be better (no thanks to my corny song).  Today marks the beginning of Random Acts of Kindness Week, and I'm celebrating.  Some ideas?

Vow to pay for coffee for the person behind you in line.
Make a random donation to a charity. Every penny helps!
Visit the VA and thank a veteran.

I'm inviting you to share either what YOU'LL do to celebrate this week, or what someone has done FOR you.   Leave comments below in the "COMMENTS" area, tweet them out to us (@961Joyfm and/or @lauradaniels961), and use this handy site for some inspiration!  Share it with your friends and family.  To use a quote from a great 70s sitcom, COME ON, GET HAPPY! :)


Share the love! Spread the JOY! :) <3 LD