On Saturday, I was at the Fisher Price Toy Store for an event with Santa and all the good little boys and girls.  I had "sacrificed" a day of my Thanksgiving-food-coma-weekend, because I really wanted to meet you - the Joy listener - and of course get my shot at tellin' the big guy what I really want for Christmas this year (I'll never tell, so don't ask!).

Much to my surprise, a woman I've never met approached me, holding a plastic Bon Ton bag with a gift-wrapped box inside. She said, "Could you do me a favor and make sure this gets to Laura Daniels?".

"That's me!" I said.  She handed me this package, and said, "This is for you. Welcome to Buffalo."  As I picked my jaw off the floor, she walked away and quickly disappeared into the sea of excited children and anxious parents.

I opened the bag after the event, and was greeted by a lovely hand-written note from a woman named Debbie Tyler, a long-time JoyFM listener.  In it, she mentioned how she heard me say this move (from Albany to Buffalo, 3 weeks ago) had certainly strained my budget, so lots of friends and family were getting home-made gifts this year.  She also heard the story of the plight of Hostess and possible shortage of Twinkies, and combined my love of cooking (Turk-Cake, anyone?)...and actually handed me this:


Is it a box of cash?  No.

Is it a gift certificate for iTunes?  Nope.

Is it exactly what I told Santa I wanted that day?  Not by a long shot.

Is it one of the most special, random, unforgettable, and wonderful gifts I'll treasure forever?

You bet.

City of good neighbors, indeed!