Ready to pack up all your winter attire and put on your spring tops, sandals and all?

Here's a clever way to go about doing so!

...We will spring into a new season and hopefully we can pack away those big, bulky winter coats we've been hiding under for months. With that, it's time to start anew and think about a spring clean for your closet. Pack away items you won't need for a few months, and in the process, set aside the clothes, shoes and accessories you haven't worn for a few years and determine it's finally time to give them up. Then call up some friends and organize a Friday Night Girls clothing swap! If you're really going to clean house, you can even include kids' clothes and toys in this swap meet-up as well.

Bring all the clothes and accessories together in one house and hang them, drape them, display them so they can be seen. You can pop little stickers with sizing info on the front to make it easier to "shop" sizes. You gals can take turns by drawing numbers out of a hat to see who goes first, or just shop together all at once. Put out some chocolate, put on my radio station and make it a fun event! Whatever is unclaimed at the end, plan to donate it to a women's shelter.

Share your great ideas for spring cleaning and spring fun with me, or if you simply want to shout out to your favorite Friday Nite Girls, call me at 1-888-633-5452.

~ Delilah

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post