It's like Scrabble. Rearrange the letters of a word or words and suddenly...well here's an example: PRESBYTERIAN: best in prayer! Want more?


ASTRONOMER: moon starer 

DESPERATION: a rope ends it                                                                              

GEORGE BUSH: he bugs Gore                                                                                    

THE MORSE CODE: here come dots                                                        

DORMITORY: dirty room                                                                                           

SLOT MACHINES: cash lost in me                                                                              

THE EYES: they see                                                                                         

ELECTION RESULTS: lies-let's recount                                                             

SNOOZE ALARMS: alas, no more z's                                                                              

A DECIMAL POINT: I'm a dot in place                                                                         

THE EARTHQUAKES: that queer shake                                                              

ELEVEN PLUS TWO: twelve plus one                                                                         

And finally...MOTHER-IN-LAW: woman Hitler

Can you come up with some? Let's keep in nice and clean, we are a family station! Submit your idea below!