The Health hazards of smoking are widely known yet millions of people continue to play Russian Roulette with their health every time they light up a cigarette.  Some are even putting their children's health at risk by smoking in their car's  or homes with the windows up.

Smoking is a national problem that needs more attention from our health professionals and law makers but peer pressure can be even more effective.  If you have a loved one or friend who smokes encourage them to give up it up.

Other than the obviouse health reasons here are five reasons why you should quit the habit:

1. The amount of money you save by not smoking can total into the thousands in just one year.

2. Nobody really wants smokers cough.

3.  Your clothes, hair and breath won't smell like an ash tray.

4.  Smoking causes premature wrinkles in your face

5.  You'll get back all that time you spend sitting outside your office building smoking.