If you're a Western New York cherry-lover, it appears you are in for some bad news. Early spring temperatures, and successive freezes have had a devastating effect on the local cherry orchards.

Becker Farms owner Oscar Vizcarra told Channel 4, "The commercial crop, as we know it, is already basically gone in this particular area."

"It won't be an economical crop. Maybe the pick-your-own crop will be much better, so people can come and pick their own cherries. That might be something that we can look into," he added.

Gasport's Becker Farms has already lost about two-thirds of its cherry buds, making this the worst season in 35 years. Fruits such as grapes, strawberries, and apples appear not to have suffered the same plight as cherries, but they, too, could suffer if the temperature roller coaster continues. The extended forecast calls for daily highs in the 40's again mid-week.

Growers and merchants alike will know more in the next two to three weeks.

(From WIVB)