It would not be Easter without some of our favorites. I stood in line last night to grab Lindt bunnies at a savings. Earlier in the week,  I ran down to Choco Logo to grab the chocolate toffee pretzels. I ran literally. Cadbury eggs are another treat this time of year. Here's a recipe for making deviled eggs. Who would of thought?


4 Cadbury Creme Eggs
½ cup vanilla buttercream frosting, tinted yellow
Red sprinkles


- Chill the creme eggs for an hour before cutting them open to firm up the inside filling.
- Slice the egg in half, lengthwise along the seam. Leave the filling intact.
- Pipe yellow buttercream frosting using a pastry bag with a star tip, covering each half of the creme egg filling with a spiral of buttercream.
- Garnish with red sprinkles to imitate paprika.