Many children are picky eaters.  Let's face it, Mac'n Cheese isn't really going to cut it for Thanksgiving dinner.  Why not try some unique kid friendly recipes that will make your family time around the table a little more fun for the kids!  Like what?  How about Mash Potato Ice Cream for starters.... MMMMM! 

Chocolate Flavored Mashed Potatoes  are pretty easy.  Simply boil your peeled potatoes, add milk (I like to add butter too) and a little hot chocolate mix.  Serve them with an ice cream scooper.  (You can also find the recipe for Vanilla and Strawberry Mashed Potatoes by clicking here.) 

Turkey Nuggets!  Why not give them something they're used  to.  Most kids love chicken nuggets.  Just use small pieces of turkey, nugget shaped, and dipped in a breaded coating.  Bake them in the oven and your kid will feast on turkey nuggets this Thanksgiving!

Apple Stuffing Muffins sound pretty tasty.  Basically, make your stuffing with a little sliced apple and apple juice added in.  Bake and cut in squares.  Stuffing you can eat with your hands is more fun than using a fork!

The above recipes are from  For more ideas, click here!