When I was growing up, kids who were born in the summer were either the youngest in the class, or the oldest, depending on when their parents decided to put them in school.

It also used to be that parents took some pride in starting their kid early, because it seemed the kid was smart enough and emotionally advanced enough to handle it. It's all changed.

"Redshirting" is where parents intentionally hold their kid back a year, so they start the next year being older than other kids and, in theory, smarter and bigger. (You may know the term "redshirting" from football...when a coach decides not to play someone their first year to let them develop as a player, therefore not costing the player a year of their eligibility.)

A University of Virginia and Stanford University study found it's affluent white parents who are leading this trend, saying, "Schools serving larger proportions of white and high-income children have far higher rates of delayed entry."

What do you think of this trend? Would you consider "redshirting" your kid so they were bigger, better, smarter, faster than the other kids?