Yep, just me, Crazy Dog Lady again.

I had a chance to speak with Reggie's "aunt" Lindsey yesterday (Thursday, May 9).  Tears were flowing, smiles were plentiful, and Reggie's tail continues to wag!

I only played a short piece of our conversation on the air, but I wanted to let you hear all of it. What's really beautiful (there are SO many pieces that ARE!) is how much this family loves their pit-mix and how they took every single step that they could to get him back.

It starts with one Facebook post, one tweet (follow me, by the way -- @lauradaniels961), and many, many hand-made signs. Then it goes to the Buffalo Police, to Joy FM, to TV stations...and finally, to a happy, warm reuniting of this family.

Below is our conversation in its entirety. Can't lie, I was bawling by the time I hung up.

Pet lovers, may need tissues! :)

(PS: We're hopeful Reggie is coming to visit us in the Joy FM studios shortly!!!)

Part 1:

Part 2:

And for your viewing pleasure, some shots from the first time back home after TWO WEEKS WANDERING!!!  Happy, happy dog!