A survey says 92% of us say it's now totally acceptable to regift.  You can save an average of $150 on gifts, just by doing it!  But...ya gotta do it RIGHT.

First, make sure the regift makes sense.  Before you put it in the regifting pile, ask yourself if you could give it to someone else without feeling guilty or embarrassed.  Candles, in my opinion, are guilt-free regifters!

Also, check the packaging...completely!  Make sure there's no evidence that the gift was actually meant for YOU.

Finally, do be sure to take the time to put the gift in a new box with new paper.  Even though it might feel thoughtless, the thoughtful presentation will make your regifting harder to detect!

So....do YOU regift?  If so, who do you feel "safe" regifting to, and how do you decide what's regiftable and what you might hang on to?  Have you ever gotten caught???

Have you RECEIVED a regift?  If so, did you tell them you were on to their secret?

<3 LD