Looking for a more exciting way to make your dinner?

Try out these fun ways for making kabobs!

Perhaps you want to do something different for dinner and give your plate a change of scenery. Have you thought about having a kabob night? You can do a buffet bar with different veggies, fruits, meats and cheeses and dipping sauces, and allow folks to create their own skewers. Or you can stick to a theme and make some delicious kabobs like the ones listed here...

Gourmet Hot Dog Kabob

Cooked sausages, bratwursts or hot dogs
Soft pretzels
Cubed cheese
Cherry tomatoes
Cooked red onion
Sweet hot mustard for dip

Cheese Pasta Kabob

Cooked cheese-stuffed tortellini pasta
Roasted large garlic cloves
Grilled or roasted asparagus
Grilled or roasted bell pepper
Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top

Antipasto Kabob

Cooked tortellini pasta
Italian dry salami, thick slices
Cubed pepper jack cheese
Cherry tomatoes
Pitted ripe olives
Marinated artichoke hearts
Italian salad dressing for dip

Rainbow Fruit Kabob

Mandarin orange slices
Pineapple chunks
Kiwi chunks
Red grapes
Vanilla Greek yogurt for dip

Do YOU have a particular way that you like to make a kabob? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post