So often, people tend to forget the simple things in life to enjoy.

Many people think that the bigger things, such as vacations or winning the lottery, are what it takes to be happy. However, Delilah explains that life is short and to make sure not to overlook the simple pleasures in today.

I have a friend that I’ve known since we were 15 years old who has recently renewed her passion for life. This mother and grandmother bit the bullet, got herself a trainer and discovered how good it feels to exercise. Getting healthy has become her passion. She is motivated to lose weight and get in shape and the difference in her energy level and her joy is astounding.

The fact that she’s empowering herself to make healthy eating choices and make new friends at the gym and change her whole lifestyle – it’s impressive, inspiring and her energy is contagious. I think she has more energy now than she did when I first met her at 15.

What is your passion in life? Do you have a hobby, something that energizes your body and lifts your spirit? For me, it’s riding my horses and working in my garden and being among my friends. I love life and doing simple things that make me happy. Enjoying the simple pleasures in life will go a long way in prolonging your happiness.

Too many people think being happy means going to Disneyland or winning the lottery or having big plans. Too often we put most of our energy into tomorrow and what’s to come and what we’re saving for and planning for. It’s fine to plan, but don’t overlook the simple pleasures in today. Don’t take for granted the changing leaves and an opportunity to jump in a pile with your kids, or the chance to have a coffee break with a friend, or the good news that came in your inbox.

Life is short, oh so short. Don’t spend it in a constant state of worry or wishing for the next big thing. If you do that, you may look back one day and realize you missed out on a lot of good things. Live each day to its fullest.

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post