There are few things I hate more than getting hit up by telemarketers! They seem to know when I'm eating, or taking a nap. Get on the "Do Not Call" list, you say? People on that list will tell you it doesn't always work. Now, Great Britain may have a better answer.

Richard Herman is on England's version of the "Do Not Call" list. But he still got calls, especially from one telemarketing firm. Finally reaching his limit, Herman sent thecompany a warning; call again, and he would start charging the company for waisting his time [the going rate for waisting his time? 10 British pounds (about $16) a minute]!

The firm kept calling, and Herman started keeping accurate records, going so far as to record the calls on his computer.He sent an invoice to the company. They ignored it. So Herman took the matter to small claims court.

The judge said Herman's bill had to be paid. The amount owed? 19.5 minutes of sales pitches, at 10 pounds a minute, or 195 pounds [$312, if my math is right]! It took a little work, of course. But with the holidays coming on, wouldn't it make sense to pick up a few extra dollars from that group of annoyances?

Just sayin'...

Thank you to Yahoo! News for the story!