Getty Images / Ethan Miller

I know this may shock some of you, but Rush Limbaugh was a little upset with CBS's selection for David Letterman's replacement.

The Late Show will now be manned by Stephen Colbert.  He will be dropping the super-conservative character he plays on the Colbert Report, CBS confirms.

Maybe that's what got stuck in Limbaugh's craw.  All I know is that getting this fired up over a new late night talk show host can't be good for an already-high blood pressure.  And frankly, don't you think this passion could be put to good in other arenas?

To each his own...I totally respect that.  But the statement that CBS has "just declared war on the heartland of America"....isn't that just a bit excessive?

It's a late night talk show. Not a Senate hearing.

PS...Mr. Limbaugh, it's pronounced "kohl-BARE"