It was a little odd to watch Bravos The RHOB. The coroners report was released today on Russell Armstrong. His toxicology report came back clean and free of alcohol and drugs. I never thought for one moment that they would scrap the show. A message was displayed regarding help for people contemplating suicide.

It was odd to watch Taylor talk about her failing marriage to her cast mates. I don't know how many people at the dinner table had her best interest at heart. Lisa Vanderpumps husband made her upset and she went to the bathroom to cry. Taking advice from a grown man who totes around a Pomeranian named Jiggy that has more clothes than him and probably eats his dinner,  is not one to give advice.

Russell comitted suicide on August 15th. His close friends and family believe the show added to his depression and ultimately pushed him to the edge. I am glad that the show edited scenes that could of possibly exploited the situation. It's nice to know some shows won't do just anything for ratings.