Another celebrity wedding went smash on Friday, when Russell Brand filed for divorce from his wife of fourteen months, singer Katy Perry [though, in today's celeb world, a fourteen-month marriage is almost a lifetime]. What caused the split? Depends on whom you ask...

According to the British paper The Mirror, Brand opted out because he wanted Perry to give up her partying ways [as he did a few years ago], settle down and raise a family with him. Another British tabloid, the Daily Mail, says Brand wants out because he doesn't like that Perry is a bigger star than he is [of course, her success may give him an unexpected bonus; under California law, Brand is entitled to one-half of the money Perry made during their marriage. One estimate says that translates to around $ 31 million. The couple did not sign a pre-nup agreement].

Ironies abound in this split: Brand, the former party animal, may be leaving because Perry, raised in a conservative home, enjoys her new-found freedom [sources close to Perry say she had hoped that Brand would file first, because she didn't want to offend her parents].

Insiders claim that the couple began fighting shortly after saying "I do", and that the final split was a power play between the two, seeing who'd blink first.

Brand is reportedly back with his mother in England, while Perry headed to Barbados for a "bachelorette party", organized by her friend, pop star Rihanna.