Music tends to create an emotional impact on the people who listen to it, no matter the genre or composition.

Sarah McLachlan has recently released new music that she states created a perfect reaction from her friend and that it's music that brings her closer to her feelings.

One day, not that long ago, Sarah McLachlan gave an advance copy of her new album Shine On to a friend who was about to set out on a road trip. "She said she listened to it on repeat throughout the whole drive; she laughed, she cried, she sang at the top of her lungs, and went through the gamut of emotions."  McLachlan says. "That seemed like the perfect reaction to me. I want to make people feel, because I write from such an emotional point of view. That's what music does for me; it brings me closer to my feelings and puts everything out on the surface. A good song will bring up anything that has been pushed down and force you to feel it." - Sarah McLachlan on Shine On

I'm not sure I can describe Sarah McLachlan's new album, Shine On, better than that little story from her album discography. Any album that can reach into your soul and take it on a journey of emotions over a relatively short period of time is one to be revered. The first time I heard the track "Beautiful Girl," several women in my life came to mind and tears streamed down my face as I thought how perfectly the lyrics aligned with the message I wanted them to know...

There could be winds of change in my auburn hair
But I'll tie it back for now
And when the bitter breeze carries a trace of fear
We'll persevere somehow

We're gonna push on through, pretty girl
Just like we always do, beautiful girl
I know the world can be cruel, pretty girl
You're gonna make it 'cause you got love on your side

Pretty girl

One thing that I know
Is it will get better...

This song will surely become an anthem for girls who battle bullying, or women who are fighting cancer, and for all the beautiful souls who must endure a heavy burden before they can shine on. Sarah's new album is available now on iTunes and BUT if you would like a chance at a FREE CD, email me right now at and simply tell me you want one. You could be chosen to win one of 20 Sarah CD's I'm giving away! Now's your chance...good luck!

Have YOU ever had a strong emotional connection to a particular song or piece of music? Share by commenting below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post