When I was a kid, I vividly remember making salt maps with my mom for school projects.  She was great at it.  Now it's my turn, but I'm afraid I'm not living up to my mom's legacy.  There's no way I'm even trying a salt map.  Last night, Jen and I took a shot at making a plant cell.

Jenna's assignment was to create a three dimensional plant or animal cell out of household items.  Not as easy as it sounds!

Jen was the brains of the project, I handled logistics.  She had the diagrams, the ideas and the know how.  I found the styrofoam, wrapping paper, noodles and anything else she needed.  

We spent nearly three hours shaping her cell, piecing it together and finally labeling it.  Jen did most of the work, while I handled things like finding the sissors, glue and whatever else we had sprawled out all over the island in our kitchen.  In the end, we came up with a colorful masterpiece complete with some very cool flag type labels for each part of the cell.  (Jen's idea.) 

I think back to the time my mom spent helping me with projects like this.  I know she was probably as tired as I am, but did it without complaining.  As Jen and I cleaned up tonight, I smiled to myself thinking how good it felt to be following in her footsteps.