Now that Kodak is pretty much going out of business, some of it's secrets are coming out.  Like the nuclear reactor it's been harvesting since 1974. 

The Kodak Eastman Co. had a small nuclear research reactor in a little-known underground labyrinth at its Rochester, N.Y., facility.

And, although locked down and under tight security, it also contained 3½ pounds of highly enriched uranium, reports the the Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester.

Kodak used the reactor to check chemicals and other materials for impurities, as well as for neutron radiography testing, the newspaper reported. The reactor, acquired by the company in 1974, was about the size of a refrigerator and kept in a 14- by 24-foot cement-lined cavity dug below a basement of one of its research buildings.

Where is the uranium now?  It is no longer at the facility. It has been shipped to a federal facility in South Carolina.