Every once in awhile  you stumble upon a story that -- while a bit far fetched -- kind of makes sense.  It TOTALLY makes sense if you're seven.


A little boy from Milwaukee named Myles Nelson came up with his own way of preventing gun deaths -- by making bullets out of chocolate.

He sent the letter to his congressperson, President Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden.

The congressperson sent back a "thanks for coming" form letter.

But Monday, Myles received a handwritten note from Mr. Biden, thanking him for the great idea.


Regardless of political beliefs you may hold, what a total THRILL for this young man to have a personal interaction with the Vice President of the United States.  Mr. Biden gave this boy something to remember forever.

And frankly, if guns fired chocolate bullets, I'd be at every firing range, hunting club, and gang-warfare capital in minutes, with a funnel strapped to my face.

WHO'S WITH ME!?!?!? :)