Sure, everyone's done a "Harlem Shake" video....there are MANY versions of it popping up online. Google it. You'll have no problem finding examples.

But at Joy FM, we know you could care less about what our office looks like, regardless of if Brian Russell wearing a helmet or not.

So we took the 'shake to the streets of South one knows the Shamrock Shake more than the Irish community....


Ladies and gentlemen -- The South Buffalo Shamrock Shake with 96.1 Joy FM*

[onescreen item="5019947"]

Special thanks to the Rince Na Tiarna School of Irish Dance, their wonderful instructor, Mary Kay Heneghan, and the ridiculously talented dancers:

Marin Collins
Madison Courtney
Fiona Dargan
Grace Frederick
Baylea Johnson
Erin Lynch
Hannah May
Katie McCabe
Katrina McCollum
Emily McEwen
Lexi Mucci
Katie Nablo
Julia O'Sullivan
Adler Papiernik
Kimberly Pukay
Shannon Quinlan
Caeley Robinson
Siera Rogers
Anna Rybczynski
Emily Scoma
Madison Stercula
Jessica Walsh

Erin Go Braugh!