Summer only lasts so long every year it comes around.

So, there's no point in wasting the summertime and the memories that tend to come with it!

Not far from the house I grew up in we were lucky enough to enjoy a couple of waterfalls in the summertime. My mom would have us kids pile in the station wagon, along with half the neighborhood, and we would head up to the falls to go swimming. There was a place behind the waterfall, a hidden cave, and you could climb back there and stand under the waterfall, then dive into the pool of water as the falls rushed over you. To dry off, we'd go sit in the grass drinking an ice cold cola with our friends and life could not get any better in that moment.

I was reminded of that memory as I watched a commercial where a motivated little girl built a bike ramp in her driveway. She drags a couple big boards on top of some angled cinder blocks to create the ramp. Then you see her all decked out with elbow pads and knee pads; she puts on her helmet and snaps on some goggles with determination. As she's backing up her bike and preparing it to launch, you get a glimpse of a playing card in the spokes. It's clear that summer is here and so are the simple pleasures that come with it.

I hope you'll share your summer story or memory with me. Call me tonight at 1-888-633-5452 and let's put it to a song that reminds you of those carefree summer days. And keep reading for a chance to use that same summer memory to enter to win a great prize for your family...

What is YOUR favorite summer memory? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post