Going through trials and tribulations is just the way of life amongst all people.

Delilah explains that you have to go through the fires of life in order for your soul to be purified.

If you were a jeweler or a metal smith, you would already know in order for metals to be pure, you must burn off the "dross" which is basically the impurities that have formed on the surface of the metal. And the only way to do that is to super heat it in a furnace. That's how you get pure gold.

The same is true with our soul. Sometimes we have to go thru the fires of life, the difficult, painful, really hard heartbreaking times in life, in order for our soul to be purified. In order for God to burn off the dross, the garbage, the stuff we don't need. Things like misconceptions, the lies we've been told, the addictions we struggle with, the secrets we keep that we think nobody notices, and so on. In order for those things to be burned out of our soul -- the extra weight of all that rubbish attached to us -- sometimes we have to endure the heat for a while.

I figure I must've had a whole lot of useless metals in my soul, because boy has God seen me thru some fires of life. But hopefully I've come out on the other side of those trials and tribulations a more refined person, a better sister, mother and friend.

If this note speaks to your situation today and you've been thru the fire only to come out a stronger, happier, healthier, more empathetic, or a kinder person, share your story with me today. Let's spread the hope of resiliency and refinement with each other. My email is D@Delilah.com.

What is the hardest thing YOU had to endure in your life? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post