I can't help it:  I'm a sucker for a guy in a baseball cap.

It's risky, I know.  You never know what hides beneath that innocent cap.  Is it a thick, lush collection of luxurious locks?  Is it male-pattern baldness that would put Stanley Zbornak to shame?  Is it self-shaved down to hide said baldness, ala "bald Kurt" in the Seinfeld episode "The Little Jerry", when Elaine sees his license and says "I could be dating this hair???"

The study I spoke about earlier this morning says every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man (thank you, ZZ Top).  I do appreciate a man in a suit.  Of course, I'm also drawn to a man in uniform.  But if that man is wearing a cap?  A delicious collision of the worlds.

I don't know what it is about the simple baseball hat.  Perhaps it's a childhood comfort.  Perhaps it's the slight masking of the unknown. Perhaps I just like the look of a hat.

There's just somethin about a guy in a baseball cap.

Unless it's a Boston Red Sox hat.  Then, we may have a problem.

<3 LD

What's the one weird-ish thing you just can't explain, but that you LOVE on the opposite sex?