So Sheree Whitfield is leaving the RHOA. She said after four seasons of making the show successful it's time to move on. If you ask the shows loud mouth NeNe Leakes, she is the reason Sheree is leaving. Is this true? Does Nene wield the power of a sword On Bravo's RHOA. I don't think so.  Sheree says the direction of the show has gone all wrong.  She is tired of the bickering and arguing. Let's be honest, Sheree has run out of money.

Sheree's story line has been very embarrassing this season. In the beginning she lavishly spent her husbands money on frivolous things and cursed at anyone who did not give her what she wanted. This season we watch her attempting to keep the lifestyle she once had. It's been painful to watch. Sheree is constantly calling herself elegant and classy, while putting others down over the years.

  I have something to say,  If your classy you don't have to say it. You'llknow it and others will to. Her actions have been anything but. Take a look at one of her infamous "CLASSY" arguments with the planner of her divorce party. ... WHO enters in to theirdivorce party in a helicopter with rose petals thrown at your feet. The whole thing is just outrageous in my opinion...  Look for Sheree to continue on  with a new workout video and She by Sheree as a workout clothing line.