Want to buy a bulldozer? That's apparently one of hundreds of items that will be for sale online from New York State beginning this April.

We all generally have something of value after cleaning out the basement, the garage and other areas of our homes. Some people donate to charity, others have a garage sale and some folks resort to online sites like eBay or Craig's List to make a few extra bucks. So why shouldn't New York State resort to the same methods to bring in some extra cash?

The state will launch the website "www.nysstore.com"  beginning in April. The site will offer office supplies, cell phones, vehicles and more to the highest bidder.

AM New York  reports Officials say, the state expects to make "hundreds of thousands of dollars" through the online store.  The site reports Governor Cuomo has issued a statement on the subject saying, "By selling unneeded equipment and supplies, New York State will reduce operating costs and cut back on excess spending and inventory."  The state is working with eBay.  Sales begin in early April.

The bulldozer, by the way, is expected to go for about 17-thousand-dollars.