There's a new plan in Albany that would allow large sports stadiums in New York State to begin selling beer earlier. The plan's sponsors think the move would cut down on tailgating and underage drinking. What do you think?

The proposal is sponsored by State Senators Mark Grisanti and George Maziarz with the idea of providing a more supervised drinking environment. The plan would allow the Bills to turn on the beer taps an hour earlier, at 11 a.m. on Sundays when there is a 1 p.m. game. Those in favor say that aside from potentially cutting down on tailgating and underage drinking, it could add to the team's concession revenues as well as the state's share of sales tax on beer sales. Some skeptics say it could hurt bars and restaurants in the area.

I can't really say whether it's a good idea, but my first impression is that it won't help cut down on tailgating or underage drinking. The cost of a beer at the stadium is far more expensive than having one in the parking lot. And, those fans not old enough to have a drink inside will just stay in the parking lot and drink. At most, it may amount to some extra bucks in beer sales and taxes collected for both the Bills and New York State.

What do you think?