Later this year, Americans will head to the ballot box to select a President, as well as a variety of other elected officials. In New York, and 48 other states, voters are limited to the names on the ballot, or writing-in a name. But what if there’s really nobody worth voting for? In one state, you can vote that way.

Since 1976, voters in Nevada have had a “None Of These Candidates” choice on any vote involving the whole state [President and US Senate, for example]. The “none” option has been challenged almost every election season, including this one. But a three-judge Federal panel ruled Tuesday that the state’s chief judge over-extended his powers by dropping the choice before all challenges were heard.

It should be mentioned that “none” cannot win an election, even if the option gets a majority of the votes. Nevada law says that the human with the most votes gets the office. But to finish second to the “none” choice would make it very clear how electors felt about your candidacy!

Would you be interested in a “none” option on Election Day? Or should you have to make a selection? Please make one below: