I felt my cold coming and like a Mack truck there was nothing I could do to stop it !!!. I tried eating 3 kiwi's,  emrgen-c,  echinacea and nothing.  I lost my voice!!! I can't have a normal conversation and I have been asked to keep quiet more times than I can count.

 It's cold and flu season, I guess this is to be expected.  If you are suffering from a cold is it ok to work out?

If your cold is below the neck (in your chest), try to refrain from activity until it clears up. The best thing you can do for your body when it's trying to fight a bug is to give it rest. [sparkpeople.com]

I personally like to listen to my body and get my rest. Here's an atrticle from someone who is obviously in my shoes. Spark People is an excellent website if you are planning on getting in shape and dropping the pounds. Make Spark People a favorite.