The American Academy of Pediatrics wants fast food advertisements to be banned from children's TV programming.  The group of more than 65-thousand physicians believes eliminating junk food commercials could lead to a 17-percent decrease in overweight and obese kids in the U-S.  I'm not sure I agree.  Why don't parents just learn to say "no, that's not healthy?"

Yahoo! News  reports statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate more than one in six children and teenagers are obese -- that's three time as many as a generation ago.  The experts agree there are several reasons for the growing number of children with weight problems, but they are increasingly focusing on the role of excess "screen time" -- both for its physical effects on kids and the advertising messages that TVs and computers are delivering to them.  Hmmm, so these doctors want to ask the government to stop fast food companies from marketing to our children?  I'm not sure that's going to teach the kids anything.  I'm a mom with two kids.  I think the better way to go is to urge parents to help their children understand how to deal with "temptations."  Basically, we should be teaching our kids how to eat healthy and to eat those fast foods in moderation.  I think teaching our kids how to deal with life's temptations is a lot better than trying to remove all temptation from their lives.  What's going to happen as they grow up, and they're tempted by drugs, alcohol and other things?  I'd rather help them say "no" to a happy meal now and start the ball rolling on a life filled with self-discipline, moderation and healthy habits.  What do you think?