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Hasbro Releases Parody Party Games For Adults
Aimed at millennials, Hasbro has announced a series of parody versions of their popular and classic games, like Life: Quarter Life Crisis edition, Mystery Date: Catfished, and Clue: What Happened Last Night?
The Legend Of The Pigman [AUDIO]
Local paranormal researcher and supernatural historian Mason Winfield came in to talk to us about some WNY haunted places and urban legends.
Easy Halloween Craft How-To
If you're looking for a fun craft to do with your kids, but everything you try winds up being a #PinterestFail? No problem!
Best 90s Costumes
Halloween is my favorite holiday. If you're stuck on a costume for this year, take a cue from the 90s.
Teal Pumpkin Project
Halloween can be an especially scary time for parents of children with food allergies.
Stuck Truck in Tonawanda
The driver of a Coca-Cola truck misjudged the height clearance of an overpass in Tonawanda, causing the truck to get stuck under it.
Find Out If NYS Owes You Money
The New York State Comptroller's Office has an online database where you can search to see if you have any unclaimed funds from the state.