What's going on?

Help A Local Man Get A New Leg!
Coming up on April 14th, Sheri and the team at Ideal Diet Center are holding a very special fundraiser for a Chad "Kickstand" Lucas to help him get a new prosthetic leg.
The Dueling Frontmen...
Bret Michaels and Dee Snyder share a birthday today... Wait until you find out how old they are! Don't worry they aren't THAT old...
The Buffalo Bills Sign A QB!
On the official start of the new NFL season, the Buffalo Bills signed several new players including a potentially new starting quarterback!
Mix 96 Celebrates National Pi Day!
Today, the new Mix Morning Show with Dave and Melody celebrated March 14th aka National Pi Day by having one of them take a Pie to the face!
Mix 96 Plays The Tombstone Game!
If you have Facebook, you probably have seen the newest "game' on your friend's page. It is basically; comment with the last thing you texted and that would be what is put on your tombstone!
Burning Your Exes Things!
We found out that Melody had been keeping a box of old mementos from her exes and we thought that what was causing her dating drought, so we have a burning of the exes stuff and hopefully that will let her move on!
How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?
We live in Buffalo where we are known for rough winters. It can be extremely hard to go outdoors when it does get below freezing quite often. How easy is it to just toss your child on their Tablet, Kindle, or even Phone to entertain them?
Local Schools To Participate In National Walkout Day
This Wednesday, March 14th, students across the nation are planning on walking out of school at 10 am for 17 minutes in protest. The students want to raise awareness about stricter gun control laws for minors.
American Idol Is Back!
American Idol kicked off it's 2018 season after a two year hiatus. Celebrity judges for this upcoming season are Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and um... Luke Bryan. (Luke is soooo dreamy!)