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Parents Sue Their Son Over This--Would You Kick Him Out?
I wonder if my mom would do this lol

A man is 30-years old.
His parents want him out
Gave him 5 eviction notices + even offered him cash to help him start out.
Son says he has not been giving efficient time.
Mom and dad seek legal help to get him out
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Your Heat Bill Prices Going Up in Western New York This Winter
Welp, bad news...it's going to snow this week.
Bad news again....your heat bill is going up as well.
The rates for National Fuel are going up about $5.23 more per month per month this Winter. Now, that's not that bad considering that average National Fuel bills are extremely low right n…
Aggressive Dog Hearing In Cheektowaga Today
Today, there will be an aggressive dog hearing in Cheektowaga after some residents feel that there have been incidents that need to be talked about and lack of response from officials.
The hearing was sparked after a neighborhood puggle was mauled to death after four large dogs escaped from a home of…
Here's the First Episode EVER to Celebrate The Jamestown Actress!
It aired for 6 years and 4 of them were the most watched television show in the United States. TIME Magazine ranked 'I Love Lucy' the second greatest TV show of all time.
Today, October 15 we celebrate Lucille Ball in her role on national I Love Lucy Day...
30 Hour Coffin Challenge [Pics]
Ever wondered what it would be like to lay in a coffin? How about for 30 hours? Well, Dave and I tried it and lost miserably BUT the other contestants were troopers.
A Royal Baby Is On The Way
According to several reports, it looks like a royal baby is on the way next spring for Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex!
Top 5 Tallest Buildings in Buffalo [LIST]
Which building is the tallest in Buffalo, NY? Who has the most amount of floors? You see each of these anytime you are going downtown for a Sabres of Bandits game and even though there are some name changes they have formed Buffalo's skyline every single sunset and sunrise...
Melody's Top 5 Dating Deal Breakers
Dating is the pits nowadays. I have had my fair share of horror stories. Here are my top 5 dating deal breakers and I am pretty sure you can agree with me.
Lake Erie Sets New Record
While the warm weather has left Western New York, it did help Lake Erie set a new record on Thursday!