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You Can Be One Of The Owners Of Hofbrauhaus Buffalo!
It's finally happening!!!
We've heard for a couple of years nearly now that Buffalo's Hofbräuhaus coming, but when? The restaurant, which has had set back after setback after before scrapping plans to build by Canalside. The location was supposed to be be adjac…
DWI's Have Dropped in Erie County Dramatically--Why?
It seems that it takes New York State forever to get things done. Uber debuted in cities over 5 years ago and New York State just celebrated one year of having Uber.
Suddenly, the DWI's in Erie County are going down, we're sure from the availability of getting a cheap and easy rid…
Christmas in July is Coming to WNY!
Coming up next Wednesday, July 25 the New Mix Morning Show with Dave + Melody will be throwing a celebration 5 months before Christmas and have TONS of presents to give away!
It's super simple.
Santa will be standing at the North Pole on the corner of William + Union in Cheektowaga at Dave's Christmas…
Why The Government Will Force 'SOY MILK' To Change Its Name
The government might force places that make 'SOY MILK' to change their name because, well....it's not milk.
The Food and Drug Administration are making sure the definition of milk is clear to the makers of soy milk--milk comes from “milking of one or more healthy cows...
Best + Worst Landlords in Buffalo, NY
If you're looking to rent an apartment in Western New York this is where you should check to see what you're getting.
If you own a home or apartments in Buffalo, your name may be getting tossed around on Reddit as the topic of good and bad (err...
Mix 96 Pet Of The Week
Each Thursday around 8:10 am, the Mix Morning Show will feature a special animal from the Buffalo Animal Shelter in need of their Fur-ever home.
Map of All The Places You Can Pick Fresh Fruit in Buffalo!
It's that time of the year!
This is the time where the fruits are starting to thrive in Western New York and there's tons of spots you may not know about where you can go and pick your own berries--blueberries, strawberries and raspberries...
All Of The Farmers Markets in WNY in 2018 [LIST]
In your town there's probably a farmers market that you may have never been to. There are 7,500 farms in our area and according to Buffalo Spree:
The best way that we, as consumers, can show our passion for better, fresher, locally grown produce, meat, and dairy products is to buy and eat them, …