Ah, to be romantically involved with Simon Cowell!

Worth more than $300 million, an international celebrity, reasonably handsome [if you don't mind t-shirts. Or the outfit he's wearing above]. And, by his own admission, frequently very generous to his exes when the relationship ends!

Cowell admitted last week that he occasionally gifts his girlfriends when the relationship ends. He says he does it because he thinks it's the right thing to do. Now the British website DailyMailOnline quotes the X-Factor creator telling an interviewer, "You can't have somebody in your life who's become acustomed to a certain thing, and just because you don't want to be in the relationship any more say to them, now everything is cut off. That just doesn't make sense".

Of course, no one's sure who has gotten a "going away gift" from Cowell in the past. But rumors are flying in the UK that his fiancee, Mezhgan Husseiny, is next on the list. They've been in a relationship for eighteen months, but are believed to be broken up. The "DailyMailOnline" report says that Cowell has already given a good amount of money to Husseiny's parents, and is only waiting to fix the American version of the "X-Factor" before settling up with Husseiny.

No one knows for sure why Cowell is frequently generous with cash after the love is gone. But the cynics  in the room speculate that along with his money comes an agreement not to talk about the relationship afterwards.  If true, he wouldn't be the first person to work out such arrangements. But whatever his reason, there are very few, if any, reports of scandal in Cowell's romantic life.