Sometimes the simple ideas are the best.

The holidays are nearly here, and most of us will probably pick up pounds at our office parties. But Women's Health magazine suggests a few simple ways to reduce the damage.

Leslie Goldman offers these ideas:

-MOVE AROUND:People who spend their evening next to the food table will have to fight the temptation to munch on the tasty treats. So walk around, chat with your co-workers, meet some one's spouse. The further you have to walk to eat, the less likely you are to do it;

-CHOOSE CAREFULLY: Those treats look so good . But the calories add up quickly, meaning you could eat 2,000 calories or more even before a sit-down meal. Goldman recommends picking two or three items you really can't do without, and saying, "No, thank you." to the rest.

-LIMIT YOUR DRINKS: Not only will it make the drive home safer, cutting back on alcohol helps keep your calorie count lower. Doctor/dietitian Christine Gerbstadt suggests a shot of vodka or gin, mixed with club soda and a lime garnish. Total calorie intake? Around 100 calories.

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