Maybe this has happened to you: You are listening to the radio, and you hear one of us at Joy FM ask you to call in to comment, win, etc. You take your phone out, but then you think to yourself, "I would like to call but I know they won't answer!"

True story -- I just got this email:

I just finished playing tennis, was driving down Main St./Williamsville, and heard 'something about movie tix' on 96.1.  I called in thinking I would OBVIOUSLY receive a BUSY signal, and lo and behold, a 'live person', i.e., you, answered!!!!  Thus, I was taken aback, for sure!  Then, when that 'live person' actually asked me what song I wanted to request - I got stuck in a MASSIVE TIME WARP, and said "Madonna".  Yes, I am giggling to myself as I type this, for you must be too (AND think I am WACKY!)  Like I told you, whenever I have called into a radio station (once in a blue moon), I would ALWAYS get a busy signal

The funny thing is that all of us here would LOVE to talk to you and meet you! And Laura, Brian and myself will be at Dinner with Delilah on May 1 at Salvatore's Italian Gardens, and we would love for you to come!

Salvatore's Italian Gardens

Click on the pictures of Salvatore's to see more pictures of their facility (and their food), and order your tickets below for Dinner with Delilah!

Food (Salvatore's Italian Gardens)