Raise your hands if you desire a more shapelier bum... I will put my hand down now. For the small sum of $100 you could purchase a pair of Skechers Shape Ups. Kim Kardashian and Brooke Burke swear by them. Did I mention they get paid to say that. I admit I have tried them on and I considered buying a pair. I just couldn't get used to the rocking motion of the shoe. I even dragged my mother into the shoe debacle, but after almost picking her up off the floor I decided it was best to move along. I continue to walk Delaware park in my trusty Reebok DMX.

 Skechers has to fork up 40 million dollars to settle charges of falsified claims. The Shape up claims  it can help you tone, firm and slim. Exercise will do this as well. if you want a firmer butt try squats and the Brazilian Butt lift video.

 The funds will be made available for consumer refunds. I honestly can't understand how anyone would believe a SHOE and not the exercise it takes could make your bum grow round and firm. There is no doubt that Butts are in. The butt lift has become a very popular procedure for plastic surgeons. It's funny, I can remember a time when a big butt was undesirable. Times have changed. If you would like to learn more visit  www.ftc.gov/skechers