There appears to be a trend developing in regards to Super Bowl ads online.  Many companies are releasing Super Bowl commercials on YouTube before the big game this year. Do you think this spoils the fun of watching the game?

Go Daddy is the latest company out with its Super Bowl ads on YouTube.  Here's a sampling of what's coming on Super Bowl Sunday.

A few weeks back, Doritos posted its five finalists in a million-dollar contest to come up with the best Super Bowl Commercial.  (Click here to see all of the ads.)  Here's one of my favorites.

Chevy is also out with a Super Bowl Ad on YouTube. The spot, apparently produced by a 26-year-old filmmaker from Long Island, was chosen by Chevy to air Super Bowl Sunday.

Volkswagon posted what it's calling a "game day teaser" on YouTube that appears to be a Super Bowl ad.

Finally, Fiat put up this video, calling it a "2012 Super Bowl Contender."

So what do you think? Does having the ads out early, spoil the fun?