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We've all received Christmas gifts that come with good intentions, but leave you wondering what were they thinking?  Like the mother-in-law who gives her daughter-in-law an ironing board for Christmas.  How about that hand sanitizer your work buddy left on your desk???  Hmmm...  here are a few ideas on how to avoid giving bad gifts.

First off, what you think might be filled with good intentions could ignite deep resentments. Gifts which target a specific short-coming are generally not appreciated. Such gifts could include:
  • A gift certificate to the newest diet craze.
  • A month's supply of Nicorette to a chain smoker.
  • Hypnosis tapes for overeaters, smokers, aggressive Type A personalities.

Another potential poor choice are gifts with a message.  When the impulse hits to buy your pregnant sister-in-law the t-shirt with the huge arrow pointed at her stomach and the words, "bun in the oven" scrawled on it, just keep walking.  Unless the person you are buying for is under the age of 16, chances are your wordy gift will end up as a dust rag.

One final piece of advice, avoid artwork.  Unless someone has specifically requested a particular piece of art, it is best to not assume you know his or her taste.

So what's the worst gift you've ever received? 

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