What's your favorite baby name?  Apparently, Isabella and Jacob top the U.S. list in 2010.

The Social Security Administration  says Jacob and Isabella were the most popular baby names in the U.S. for 2010.   Mercury News  reports nearly 22,000 boys were named Jacob in 2010, followed by Ethan, Michael, Jayden and William. Nearly 23,000 girls were named Isabella, followed by Sophia, Emma, Olivia and Ava.  On another note, "Elvis" dropped out of the top one-thousand American boy names for the first time since 1954.

Favorite baby names in New York though were a little bit different, that's New York City.    ParentDish.com  reports Isabella still topped the girls list provided by the New York State Health Department, but Jayden was the front runner for boys.  Rounding out the top five girls names in New York, Sophia, Mia, Emily and Olivia.  For the boys, Jayden was followed by Daniel, Ethan, Michael and David. 

I couldn't find a break down of top baby names statewide, or for Western New York, so let's make our own!  My favorite baby names... well of course, Jenna would top the girls list.  Others we liked included Grace and Emma.  For the boys, Ryan is my favorite followed by Aaron.  So tell us, what's your favorite baby name!