This ring was given to me by my dear 89-year-old grandma....the one who lives in Jamestown.  It was HER grandma's wedding band.  As you can see from the inscription, it's June 5, 1894.  That makes this ring 118 years old.

I wear it on my pinky (she was obviously a VERY tiny woman), bolstered by a small heart-shaped gold ring my grandpa gave my grandma a few years ago.  It's a little tighter, so I feel like it helps secure it.  The last thing I want to do is lose this ring...but I don't want it to just live in my jewelry box.

The other day, I was flicking a broken fingernail out the I drove on the 190.  For a split second, I got that terrible feeling that my rings had flown off my finger with the tailwind.  That same lightening-bolt-to-the-aorta feeling you get when you KNOW you just SPED right past a speed trap.

Luckily, the rings were still on my pinky.  But it got me thinking...if they HAD flown off, would I stop in the middle of the highway, pull over, and go back and search for it?  My heart wants to say yes...but my logical head says, "You'd never find it in a million years."  My Type-A personality says I definitely would.

What would you absolutely, hands-down, pull over and go search for, if it flew out your window or off the top of your car?  Is there ANYTHING you think you'd HAVE to at least go TRY to find?

<3 LD